Charging Toward the Future

We have demonstrated that we are able to pivot our knowledge from our initial experience to many other sectors. SAI has moved into various energy segments to serve a wide range of new clients. We have been involved in creating and delivering some of the most innovative improvements and approaches to the technical, commercial, and execution aspects in the energy and renewable energy markets to other industries.

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

We see electric vehicle evolution and specifically the EV charging infrastructure segment as a viable, long-term growth opportunity for our business. We believe it is as a compatible segment to our existing Development, Engineering, Procurement and Construction expertise. Our knowledge of complex network infrastructure is transferable to EV infrastructure networks. We also see ourselves as a long-term player in the EV space. We have been committed to helping EV-focused clients since 2010.

  • Site Identification & Acquisition
  • Site Validation & Design          
  • Site Construction Management & Commissioning
  • Logistics
  • Materials Management
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Solar Power

Solar energy constitutes an important part of sustainable, renewable energy that offers significant advantages such as eliminating fuel costs and reducing emissions. We leverage our experience, to successfully deliver solar projects no matter the technology. SAI’s services cover the full spectrum of reliable solar power generation. Our breadth and depth of experience allow us to build projects, no matter how complex— our experience brings confidence to our clients. Our field-proven construction techniques and best practices can be brought to bear early in project planning to ensure successful execution and we can provide a scalable team to fit the project scope.

  • Solar thermal
  • Solar electric
  • Solar photovoltaic
  • Energy storage solutions
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Energy Storage Solutions

Renewable energy storage solutions have shown remarkable progress in recent years. SAI has experience designing, procuring and installing world-class energy storage products.  Our comprehensive services offerings can help to reduce clients’ carbon footprint, improve energy resiliency, while delivering the greatest possible economic value, and supporting grid stability and sustainability. SAI can work with clients to determine how energy storage capabilities can best be developed to offer a clean, sustainable solution and drive benefits to their bottom line. All major energy storage applications are supported, including solar combined with storage, peak demand shaving, load shifting, demand response, microgrid, backup, frequency regulation, renewable energy support, and power factor correction. SAI can provide a multitude of services for commercial or industrial applications.

  • Rechargeable Battery Systems
  • Fuel Cells (Redox Flow Batteries)
  • Flywheel Systems
  • Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)
  • Photovoltaic / Thermal Energy
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Did you know?

SAI is a NATE STAR Initiative Member with an excellent safety record.